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Terms and Conditions

Design approval images are based on vehicle templates.  Proofs are used for approval by our clients for the overall aesthetics of their wrap design. Certain variances at the time of installation may occur. Such variance may include design positioning. Image and design location can be installed within a 6” variance on trucks and 3” variance other vehicles from location identified on sign off layout form.  Further variances may occur with regards to sizing and slight color adjustments of objects within the wrap design.

Note:  non-factory paint jobs, rubber and textured plastic surfaces such as window molding, fender flares, bumpers, runner boards, protective plastic and chrome cannot be wrapped or warrantied.  The quoted wrap price is for installation of wrap without the removal of bumpers, moldings, mirrors, door handles, emblems, etc.  If client requests removal they may and most likely will incur an additional charge for this service.

All Warranties expressed or implied are through the materials manufacturer ONLY.  In addition, convex and concave curves on vehicle surfaces may produce material failure and separation from the vehicle surface.  Certain installation applications require relief cuts and sealer to adhere properly.  Perforated window coverings are not warrantied and not expected to last more than 12-18 months.  Vehicle hoods and roofs are also expected to have a shorter lifespan due to direct sun exposure.

By signing the proof document the customer holds Relic Sign Company indemnified from damages that may occur during installation or removal of your wrap.  The Customer understands that the vehicle must be cleaned and NOT waxed prior to wrap installation.  Failure to provide a clean vehicle will result in additional charges to the customer.  Any vehicle that requires detailed cleaning or wax removal will result in a minimum charge of $150.

Relic Sign Company is not responsible for low or poor quality images supplies by the customer or agents of customer.  We will certainly identify any issues we see.  All graphic designs by Relic Sign Company are considered intellectual property and remain the property of Relic Sign Company.  Any unauthorized use of drawings or designs will result in compensation fee for artwork and design time.