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We take several things into account when planning a vehicle wrap.

  • how large is the total area to be wrapped?
  • what are the surface conditions that the wrap material will be applied to?  are there rivets, screws, corrugations, seams, etc. that will require additional attention and labor?
  • how complex is the geometry to be wrapped?  (a flat surface is a much different application than the spoiler and bumper of a car)
  • how long is the wrap intended to stay on the vehicle?
  • are there windows involved that need to be covered with perforated window film in order to complete the graphic layout in the wrap design?  Or covered in vinyl (blocking view)
  • what are the design requirements?  is the wrap primarily a solid color with some cut vinyl accents, or is there significant information and/or imagery that needs to be carefully planned around and incorporated into the custom wrap design?

Sometimes a full wrap isn’t necessary to accomplish what you’re trying to do with vehicle advertising, so partial vehicle wraps are a great option to consider.  Partial wraps can still be extremely effective from a visual and marketing perspective.  The cost of a partial wrap/spot graphics is roughly 60% the cost of a full wrap.

GENERAL COSTS SUMMARYThese are just rough estimates to give you a (high) ballpark. We will work with you regarding budget!!  Again, consider a partial wrap for cost savings!      

Small car (spark, smart, mini)                                    $1990 (approx. 155 sq.ft.)
Medium car (prius, camry, fusion)                            $2490 (approx. 200 sq.ft.)
Larger car/Van/SUV                                                   $3870 (approx. 300 sq.ft.)
14” Box Truck, KUV Box van, Lg Sprinter                  $4385 (approx. 340 sq.ft.)

Full wraps include installation of 3M or Avery vinyl (7-9 year life span).  We strive to minimize seams and unnecessary cuts, however, as a general rule we do not remove door handles, mirrors, lights or bumpers due to the damage it can do to the vehicle. We prefer to leave the vehicle in the condition we receive it.  If removal is requested, we can provide that service at an extra install cost.

Note: Window Perf (see-thru vinyl) is only guaranteed for 1 year.


The window display of a store has the potential to attract customers, reel them in and convince them to make a purchase. The same is true for car wraps. Here are some car wrapping tips.

  1. Keep it simple. The human mind has a limited focus and attention span, so we recommend that you keep your wrap uncluttered and simple. Leave some space around the main message and never try to show too much information all at the same time.
  1. Repeat, repeat, repeat. The repetition of elements is a proven and powerful way to display your message. This simple idea leaves a lot of impact on the minds of consumers because repetition makes it hard for someone to miss a display on your vehicle.
  1. Contrast is key. Graphic designers know how important contrast is when creating a design for advertising purposes. Make sure that the ideas you want your customers to focus on are clearly visible on the vehicle.
  1. Hire a good car wrap company. The company you choose will ultimately determine the overall quality of your car wrap. Remember that your ideas are only as good as the execution. So while your design may look really good on your laptop, the real thing must be efficiently done in order for you to achieve your desired results.